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Jade Hart, died July 31, 2002, at 13 months of age, England - Ross Hammond, 23, inflicted 117 injuries the child, the daughter of his teenage girlfriend.

A Horrifying Story Of The Worst Mother In Human History

Casey Anthony diary page dated June 21st, less than a week after her daughter Caylee was reported missing.

Torture at the Xiantao sports school in Hubei province, China. For five-and-six-year-olds the joints of the boys are bent beyond their limits in order to create a permanent joint stretch. If this is not done at an early age, certain gymnastic moves are not possible when they are older.

RIP 17 month old Grace Harris: Doctors have concluded a 17-month-old girl died of severe child abuse after being left in the care of her mother’s boyfriend.

This guy raped and murdered his 20 month old step son. He was raped, stitched up and raped as many as 20 times. He's learned the meaning of "payback is a bit h". (DB)

This 2 1/2 yr old was beaten to death by his step father...what kills me this child's face is bruised so bad yet he is still smiling...how come no one reported this obvious abuse? National Hotline 1-800-4-A-Child

Among these tales one of the most tragically gruesome is that of Little Violette whose name rings through infamy, forever associated with the epithet “The Zombie Child.”

Czeslawa Kwoka, a Polish child killed in Auschwitz. The Nazi soldier would kill children with phenol injections. The child was place on a stool, blindfolded with a towel, then injected in the chest with a needle. They wouldn't wait for the child to die; instead they threw the child into the next room to die in agony within a few minutes. Then another child would take the stool. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Riley, 3 months old, was punched in the face by her 27-year-old father. She died from her injuries.

This Grandfather Killed His Daughter And His Six Grandchildren In Awful Murder Suicide In Florida.

Did you know in Florida during slavery slave masters would take a enslaved black child tie a rope around his or her legs put them in the water and use them for ALLIGATOR BAIT. Two movies in 1900 “Alligator Bait” and “Gator and the Pickaninny.” both showed and proved this practice.There were many advertisements and postcards in the South that proved this was real. A PART OF HISTORY NEVER TOLD. NOW YOU KNOW. | I did not know this :(

Martha Rendell (1871-1909) Australian sadist who tortured/murdered her lover's children by painting the backs of their throats with hydrochloric acid, under the pretense of giving them medicine. After three of the kids were dead, the fourth ran away and alerted his mother, who called the police. Rendell was arrested and hanged.


"CPS worker closed child neglect case SIX DAYS before malnourished toddler died in urine-soaked bed - even though she hadn't paid the home a visit in almost a year Tiffany Klapheke, 21, charged with three felony counts of injury to a child after her 22-month-old daughter died weighing only 17.5 pounds....."

Murdering child rapist Barry McCarney in a lighthearted moment. The baby he killed was his girlfriend's daughter.

Andras Pandy was a Belgian pastor who began raping his daughter, Agnes, when she was 13. Between 1986 & '92, Andras & Agnes murdered an indeterminate number of victims. Agnes would often hack up the bodies afterward and dissolve the pieces in a vat of acid. 6 of the victims were Andras's 1st & 2nd wives, several children & stepchildren. Other victims were orphans and women. In 1997, Agnes - pushing 40 - confessed to police. He was given a life sentence, while Agnes was given 21 years.