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Jade Hart, died July 31, 2002, at 13 months of age, England - Ross Hammond, 23, inflicted 117 injuries the child, the daughter of his teenage girlfriend.

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Mom Who Killed Daughter, Had Other Kids Burn Body, Gets 30 Years

Mother killed daughter, had children burn body

Timothy John Evans was a Welshman accused of murdering his wife and infant daughter at their residence at 10 Rillington Place in Notting Hill, London. During his trial, Evans had accused his downstairs neighbor, John Christie, of committing the murders. Three years after Evans's execution, Christie was found to be a serial killer who had murdered a number of other women in the same house. Before his own execution, Christie confessed to murdering Mrs. Evans. Evans was granted a posthumous…

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25 Animal Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Animals

Amaranthine ~ looks like a starling to me; just thought I would throw this beautiful bird in with these gorgeous colors. with <3 from JDzigner.

Socialite Barbara Baekeland was murdered by her 25 yr old son, Anthony, in 1972. Both her parents were mentally ill; she also saw a psychiatrist, drank heavily, and was known for her unstable personality, rude outbursts, bouts of severe depression, and suicide attempts. Anthony had schizophrenia with paranoid tendencies. Unverified stories claim she had sex with him to cure him of being gay. He stabbed her to death in 1972, and killed himself in jail years later.