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  • Candice Noble

    Nerd Fitness "Real Life Role Playing: What is Your Profession?" I used this and it's a great way to define goals, create a plan, and set motivation for fitness. I went so far as creating a 12 week "skill tree" that was broken down in 3-4 week increments that increased the training intensity to ensure progress. (And since it's like working toward achievements it almost makes working out into a game).

  • Hella Paiño

    How to Level Up in the Game of Life (on Nerd Fitness). This is one of my favorite blog posts on NF. I have yet to figure out my Level 50 for everything, but I have a Level 50 body type that I'm working toward - strong and toned and still feminine.

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P.S. Read an article today about nitrates in foods reducing oxygen expenditure in exercise which lets you work longer at your max. Spinach and beets have a lot of nitrates. If you were curious.

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