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I love seeing pictures of happy older couples. There seems to be such a stigmata of showing old couples. Everybody has to be young, beautiful, and perfect. But that's not realistic. We're all going to age (if we're lucky). I look forward to it. Especially if I will get to be as happy as these 2 are. :)

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Shell chime <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 should make one in summer x


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Someone to keep me away from the seaweed my best friend <3

wish that was me and some hot guy i met at the beach...but its gonna happen

hah. reason number 2893291038291 why i love country music :) couples photography

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happy couple

And at the end of the day…you’re happy just being in the back of a pickup truck together. | 14 Emotional Stages Of Dating A Southerner

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