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Candy Cane pens~

I so remember this!

80s McDonald's bag

You would see these things everywhere!..


I loved Charles Chips!! We would get so excited to see the truck. Would love to find one of these tins.

We had these

Fisher price circus train Elephant Little People 70s Vintage toys.


1960s Measuring Tupperware

Coty Sweet Earth Solid Perfume

Hah! I remember these! "Oh man! My totally awesome, recorded from the radio, mix tapes were these very colorful, 80's style cassette tapes!"

Awwww!!! I LOVED THIS TOY!!!

Little Golden Book "Cinderella".

Did anybody else take the glue between thumb and index finger and make a spidery webby thingy with it?>>YES!! :)..

Fisher price circus train toy vintage 1970 1980 toy green giraffe car on Etsy, $5.00

Vintage 70s Barbie Blow up Furniture On Sale by bomber1975 on Etsy

Cabbage Patch Dolls - 80s Toys and Games, Dolls and Figures | Stuff from the 80s

summer in the eighties

Swatch watches... don't forget your guard!

1970s McDonald's playground equipment

I truly loved this T.V.!!

80's Earrings.--I had the pink seashell ones!

I think the Holly Hobby one was my sisters and my mom still has it!