LEGO life-size forest in the australian outback

driftwood horses, artist Heather Jansch

A huge archive of Lego instructions and catalogues. Super!

Streetart: Bridge in Wuppertal converted into LEGO-Bridge (6 Pictures) > Design und so, Illustrationen, Netzkram, Paintings, Streetstyle > bridge, germany, lego, legobridge, megz, streetart, wuppertal

Patrick Dougherty

Dalton Ghetti carved pencils Cooooool!

A Beached Whale in the Forests of Argentina by Adrián Villar Rojas


the 387 houses of peter fritz at the venice art biennale

Boob scarves. Evidently they come in different sizes and with tattoos.

Free Lego Instructions. GREAT site with TONS of instruction manuals for lego sets.

Streetlamp Forrest


Daft Punk! Lego

Lego Teapot

Jason Freenys Giant Dissected Lego Men

lego sushi

Super Mario Bros. Lego Lamp is pure video game art

Designer: Adrian Villar Rojas Project: My Family Dead Location: Ushuaia, Argentina My Family Dead, a representation of a life-sized blue whale in the forest outside of his native Ushuaia, Argentina is one such example. When you are not moved by the suffering the magnificent creature appears to have endured, the tree stumps protruding around and out of the whale’s body spark curiosity over what was there first – the whale or the trees.

Giant Lego bridge in Germany.