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DIY: Wine Bottle Christmas Light Decorations

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Homemade Light (wine bottle, glass gems, christmas lights)..great for outside party at night by toni


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Old wine bottles recycled into hurricane or hanging lanterns for candles. Great idea, and surprisingly easy to do.

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How to cut bottles with yarn + nail polish remover. SO COOL!


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I'm so gonna make these for gifts this year.

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wine glasses.

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Creative Christmas decor - ornaments and christmas lights in a large vase. You could expand on this and add your own creative touches - it doesn't have to be ornaments- the possibilities are endless

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Bottle with Christmas lights inside and glass stones glued to the outside

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Jars painted white w red writing. Joy peace merry



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I am crazy about these bottles we made for Christmas gifts! They are beautiful!

Santa Wine Bottle Diy

Snowman Wine Bottles

Christmas Wine Bottles

Dyi Wine Bottles

Crafty Bottles

Empty Bottles

Wine Corks

Glass Bottles

Water Bottle Gift

Christmas DIY Wine Bottle Gifts

Hativefrom Hative

80+ Homemade Wine Bottle Crafts

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Christmas Decoration - Homemade Wine Bottle Crafts,,

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Snow Bottles

Old Wine Bottles

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Bottles Epsom

from bottles




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Lights Drill

wine bottles + christmas lights = beautiful decor

You Re Drinking

Drinking Santa

Drinking Funnies

Drinking Glass




Glass Personalized

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DIY christmas wine glasses

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Kids' Christmas list in an ornament with the year. It would be so cool to go back and see what the children asked for years ago. Absolutely love this idea!

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Coffee creamer bottles made into snowmen. Fill with candy. How clever and cute!!!