Embroidery over a seam in knit or crochet

Threaded backstitch. Part 3 in a series of embroidering over knitting. Part 3 covers back stitch, threaded back stitch, and Pekinese stitch.

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Embroidery along seam

Hand Knit Baby Cardigan ideaa: buy plain cardis from walmart maybe an then embellish with embroidery or crocheted motifs.

crochet rose

Such a clever technique!! No yarn to cut and weave in every two rows!!! sweet crochet!!


pretty crochet yoke - created via http://pinthemall.net

Pink Druzi Wool Blanket

pretty stitch

crochet basket

pretty crochet caps

Invisible seaming

Pretty good idea, right? Recycled plastic bottles as yarn dispensers.

DIY Bathroom Organizer - Crochet Magazine - how pretty <3

How to make a fabric basket, fabric yarn - Tutorial

#Tutorial - "Organize the yarn you're using in a project with this simple DIY. You need: 1 plastic basket with holes, 1 knitting needle, 1 drinking straw, and your yarn wound as in the picture. Voila! Easy as pie and there's room for your hooks, needles, scissors and pattern underneath, too!" 4U from #KnittingGuru

one row of dc’s, then one row of alternating 3 trc’s, 3 chains, beginning and ending with the 3 trc's. #crochet

Sweet Scoop Neck Embroidery Sleeveless Short Blouse For Women Vintage Blouses | RoseGal.com Mobile

Crochet. Connect your grannies at the corners and add an edge (works in the other direction too!).