Do you have a stockpile of clothing for your family? Do you have a stockpile to barter with? When everything goes south, clothing will become scarce. You will have to use and reuse old clothes, jackets, & shoes, and possibly trade with them. So, get your stockpile going now; hit up thrift stores. For yourself and family, winter, summer and spring clothing is a must. And learn to sew and mend clothes and sleeping bags and jackets.

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I want all of these! A great list of genius clothing items every girl should own.

7 ways to build your stockpile on a budget. Save money today with these simple yet effective techniques.

Why You Should Stockpile Clothing (and How To Do It Cheap)

Non-Food Preparedness Items To Stockpile #shtf

make do and mend

Building a Stockpile with only $5 per week challenge! How much can you add to your basic stockpile for only $5 per week? Challenge is broken down into what you need to buy each week.

Mending and recycling old clothes

Mending supplies

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#Prepper - Socks and Underwear Part of Your Storage Plan? They Should Be…

Beautifully crafted felted clothing and hats.

Eliminate Static Cling on Your Clothing Without Using Chemicals - attach a safety pin to the inside of your clothes or in the dryer, attach a line of safety pins to a towels or something to prevent static cling in the dryer! I'm trying this one!

Clothing and Shoes Checklist

Tactical Survival Clothing

How To Stockpile Survival Food

TONS of little girl clothing tutorial

Build your own Stockpile shelves.

The next time you're tempted to throw away something in your wardrobe you think is loss because of some catastrophe or another....STOP! Read this post first! :-)

the empowerment plan. coat that is self-heated, waterproof, + transforms into a sleeping bag at night. made by a group of homeless women who are paid to learn + to produce the coats for those living on the streets.