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Mycena sp (Booyong Reserve) by Steve Axford Booyong Reserve

Mycena sp. (Booyong) by Steve Axford

**Mycena sp

Steve Axford Photography

Mycena sp

Hygrocybe sp. by Steve Axford I have never seen one like it before, have you? Minyon Falls, NE NSW.

Mycena sp

and Blue by Steve Axford Leratiomyces sp.

Steve Axford, Orange marasmius

Red marasmius by Steve Axford

Mycena viscidocruenta - Stephen Axford Photography

Mycena algeriensis

Mycena fungi

Mycena seynii

Mycena viscidocruenta

close up of mushroom

Mycena sec. longisetae


Hygrocybe sp.

**Mycena Haematopus

**Mycena mushrooms