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Katrina Paul
Katrina Paul • 2 years ago

book list

  • Tara Eads
    Tara Eads • 2 years ago

    Good list...glad the boys recognize most of these!

  • Anne Romano
    Anne Romano • 2 years ago

    I have read every book on this list as a child, and I have read every book on this list to my children

  • Gabriella Villarrial
    Gabriella Villarrial • 2 years ago

    Great idea I will share this with my grandsons!

  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Breakfast at Tiffany's • 2 years ago

    :-( only 1 with a person of color as a main character?

  • Emily Kehoe
    Emily Kehoe • 2 years ago

    good list!

  • Megan Cox
    Megan Cox • 2 years ago

    Great list...but they forgot the best one...Oh The Places You Will Go- Dr. Seuss

  • Lori Johnson
    Lori Johnson • 2 years ago

    Why does everything have to be a race thing?

  • Gloria Balmes
    Gloria Balmes • 2 years ago

    What about Goodnight Moon?

  • Amanda Stellapiano
    Amanda Stellapiano • 2 years ago

    So many favourites on this list!

  • Tara Ashford
    Tara Ashford • 2 years ago

    @Lori Johnson, everything has to be a race thing because in just about every place in today's world people of colour experience institutionalised racism - they are not well served or represented in parliaments, media, education, healthcare, and every other aspect of life. Same with sexuality, with gender, with disability. People are being routinely erased and made invisible, their lives rendered 'exotic' and not deserving of every day attention and respect. It is our responsibility to say something when people are ignoring the experiences and existence of whole swathes of the Earth's population.

  • Jen
    Jen • 1 year ago

    Tara, would you like to put together a list or link to a list of childrens books that is more diverse? I'd love to see it. :-) Also, white is a color's just not the only color. And Ill be reading far more than forty books to my kids! Lets round out that list -a wonderful start...

  • Tara Ashford
    Tara Ashford • 1 year ago

    @Jen - I'd love to link to some lists, thanks for the nudge : ) http://www.childrensliterat... Although there are of course so many more excellent children's books out there that are outside the same old same old we always see - they're just a google away!

  • Janice Brown
    Janice Brown • 1 year ago

    Nice dialogue ladies! Keep adding to the list!

  • Michelle Sarah
    Michelle Sarah • 1 year ago

    Ditto to what @Janice Brown said. I love seeing positive conversations happening in this online space, too many negative ones are out there.

  • Kelley Hagerman
    Kelley Hagerman • 1 year ago

    Bc people aren't happy unless they can bitch or complain about something...

  • Jennifer Irby
    Jennifer Irby • 1 year ago

    Have read almost every single one of these to my kids. But I agree... Where's Goodnight Moon! That is also a must read with children! It was my daughters favorite!

  • Dawn Mason
    Dawn Mason • 1 year ago

    Virginia Hamilton is an Endicott awarded author who writes from African American culture

  • Dawn Mason
    Dawn Mason • 1 year ago

    Virginia Hamilton is an Endicott awarded author who writes from African American culture

  • Shouse Stern
    Shouse Stern • 1 year ago

    I laughed so hard, I literally snorted! Adding sound effects to the bottom photo!

  • the bohemian
    the bohemian • 1 year ago

    @ Tara Ashford Well said! And there are many of us who appreciate seeing discussion. The world need not fall apart because there is disagreement or even criticism. More is learned from intelligent discussion than when other opinions are silenced.

  • Michele Haggerty
    Michele Haggerty • 1 year ago

    Ferdinand was my all-time favorite book when I was 5. Great list!

  • RobertAnn Smiley
    RobertAnn Smiley • 1 year ago

    i think that people SHOULDN'T make EVERYTHING a race thing and it doesn't always need to be brought up and not everyone always needs to be reminded that there are other races. if you want books with main character being a different race than white,make your own list and get over this list that was made. when we are in school why in the world is the a 'black history month' and a 'spanish history month' and things of that nature? when is white history month? where is irish, scottish, german, russian history month? why make any race better than the other where they should have their own lists of books or their own special month? and NO ONE better not answered because they were slaves and how their people were treated because realistically whites took america from the indians and they don't have a history month. and Ireland was taken over and Irish (what i am) were made slaves IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, and we don't learn anything about that in school. that is something i learned on my own.

  • Cori Hite
    Cori Hite • 1 year ago

    Get that beach body!

  • N Guillotte
    N Guillotte • 1 year ago

    I soooo Agree with RobertAnn Smiley, get over the black crap, that isn't what this list was about but of You want then bring it on !!! Where is the White Miss Anerican, the WET channel,united White College Fund? Let White people try that & see how fast you play the race card. This could all be where is the Hispanic College Fund, Asian Miss America & so on, the people that cry Race the most are the ones that ARE the racist !!!

  • Renee Ott
    Renee Ott • 1 year ago

    Love Goodnight Moon too:)

  • Emily Huth
    Emily Huth • 1 year ago

    Omg. Stop with the Pinterest rants! You just sound stupid.

  • Amberlyn Stark
    Amberlyn Stark • 1 year ago

    Love this list, thanks for sharing :)

  • Kim Roberts
    Kim Roberts • 1 year ago

    I never heard of the Endicott Book Award.

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