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Hoodie cat ~ Oh my. This cat looks as if it's just waiting on the opportunity to run right out of that hoodie. hahaa!

Cat in cable #knit sweater. I have never met a cat that would let me put a sweater on him/her. This is a very special cat!

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omg too cute. if this was my cat, I would name her olivia mary-kate.

"The cat dwells within the circle of his own secret thoughts." --Agnes Repplier

In this season of peace, let none be called the least. Sniffle....this looks like my Kitty Tom who went missing and never was found after crying a million tears and miss u Tommy ♥

Here....let me get it for you. #cat here to find out more

this was me every time one of the farm cats would come up to our house when I was young. Who am I kidding!,,, Id still do this!

Yeah, me an KC was jamming down the boardwalk when these dogs started messing with us.....well we kicked some butt, yeah!

My heart belongs to you ..