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Use the Screws to Help Identify the Age of Your Furniture - This is an early machine-cut screw, a vast improvement over the handmade example. Like the handmade version, it is still cylindrical with no taper or point but the threads are consistent and sharp. But the head still has a problem. It was still handmade at this point, circa 1815-1820, and the slot was still hand cut and off center.

To prevent the Germans from finding out that the British had RADAR onboard aircraft, the British started a rumour that their pilots had excellent night vision from eating lots of carrots. The rumour has continued to today as many people think carrots improve eyesight.

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22 Of The Most Important Pictures This Week

22 Of The Most Important Pictures This Week. Syrian baby. Who says we shouldn't take refugees? This is horrific

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21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week--Osman Orsal / Reuters Grave holes are prepared as family members and friends attend the funeral of victims of a suicide bombing at a wedding celebration in the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep.


9 Totally NOT Boring History Movies for Kids

Awesome kid-friendly movies that actually teach kids history in a fun way!

The title of emperor was passed through successors. While teaching history we should familiarize ourselves with the political systems of Rome. We should appreciate the complexity and evolution of the systems that held Rome together for such a long time.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Music History for Kids-Kinda cool site with biographies and links to cool activites for Music History

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High School World History Activities

Show your students that world history is a cool subject.