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“As an aspiring writer, you should certainly start by writing an outline. You solve a lot of problems... You will spend six months or a year writing the book, and only then will you find out things that you wish you had known right at the start. Writing an outline also concentrates your mind.” – Ken Follett

OH GOD ONLY ALL THE TIME. I hate myself for doing this. I even KNOW I'm going to do it when I open my laptop... I need to work on that .__.

I bow to you, unknown creator of this edit. Except for a month? Seriously? That's all? I mean I guess Nanowrimo... but for reals, one month? Dang. // This is my new favorite motivational post for writing.

How wonderful to find on my son Sam's Facebook page these wise words. So proud of him for knowing so much at such a young age, and for sharing this inspiration with me, and with the world. He's going to do great things.

Writing to him seemed pointless. It wouldn't be meaningful like I wanted, so why send a letter he wouldn't want? It would be better to wait. Better to wait for him.

Novels Do Not Write Themselves Writing Quote Print For Writers Of Everything From Blogs to Dissertations To Poetry (Even Haikus)

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The mark of a good book......I have done this too many times to count!

"Writer and reader... who gives, who receives? Both and both. And, this is why it is always necessary to leave open spaces in a piece of work, to trust the reader to get it, to not tell everything... the empty spaces are the handholds, footholds, by which the reader climbs into the work, inserting him or herself." - Crescent Dragonwagon

So You Want to Write a Novel infographic

I laughed more than I should have at this. Troll Merry and Pippin #lotr