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I need someone who is prepared for: A million questions Uncontrollable laughter My family My appetite Musical outbursts Random Dancing My friends Sad/Happy tears Deep talks My imagination My dreams Walks in the rain Random texts Useless arguments ...and acceptance of the real me. <3

So true! Reminds me of "When God Writes Your Love Story" that I was read/taught when God brought Matt into my life. (MJ) so TRUE, and I guess how I view things in my life...because life is too short to be so serious and uppity that you cannot have good, clean, silly fun! It doesn't hurt to Laugh Out does the body good...kind of like milk in that respect!!

My sister just got engaged! So happy for her! She's the most loving hilarious caring person and she met the most perfect person for her so excited for them & for him to be apart of our family :))

So true :) lucky in love & married to that person. He makes me a better person & he is always there to have my back NO matter what! Thank goodness for him.


The best feelings in the world, totally true…

best feelings in the world

Everything about you was already so beautiful.. but falling in love with you made you all I can ever think about.. Still cant get you out of my head.