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feather sexing chicks

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Homemade Organic Baby Chick Starter Feed Recipe {corn-free and soy-free

Homemade Organic Baby Chick Starter Feed Recipe {corn-free and soy-free}


Name that Rash!

Incredible quick guide for the most common rashes in infants and babies under one-year old. Includes treatments and how contagious they are!


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Owls are very captivating. They are among the first birds that children readily identify and distinguish from other birds. When people see or interact with owls they express themselves differently than they probably would with a crow, heron, seagull or chicken. Maybe this is because the owl has a head and face that appears more like our own. Owls have large forward-facing eyes like we do. This means they have binocular vision, unlike other birds, and they are able to focus both eyes on the…

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How to Care for Baby Chicks

How to Hatch Out Chicken Eggs With a Setting Hen. This explains why some of our eggs were destroyed.

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Taming Wild Roosters

Bird Comb Identification

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How To Prevent, Identify And Treat Coccidiosis In Poultry

Coccidiosis can be a deadly killer with little to no warning. Learn how to identify the symptoms of this disease, how to treat it, and ultimately, how to prevent it.

Crested Coua chicks develop unique markings on the inside of their mouths, which could be a way for their parents to identify their young, or it could be as simple as a bulls-eye to make feeding easier and avoid spillage. It seems to be working either way, as the Crested Coua is one of the more widespread birds on the island of Madagascar, thriving on an island where many birds face extinction.

How to draw a cartoon baby chick. Students could use this as an oral language activity with a partner. Give the instructions of how to draw the animal, without identifying it. Can the other student guess the animal from the instructions given.

My little hen, I call her chooky has been laying eggs out her posterior for about a week now. So we have been enjoying nice, yellow fresh free range eggs in the mornings. I have read that if you feed your chickens different things e.g. garlic, onion or ginger that the eggs will then have a taste of that specific ingredient. Yum.