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  • The Fabulous Miss Steed

    Travis Fimmel plays the egotistical Ragnar Lothbrok from History Channel's "Vikings". This show gives me what I need, action, history, and a good story. #fablife

  • Leigh E Blaikie

    Photo by ragnarofficial @ Instagram we breed our men well in Oz! ;)

  • Stefanie Brown

    #TravisFimmel #Faces #Vikings #Ragnar #HistoryChannel #Celebrity #Eyes

  • Jeannette Duncan

    (Travis Fimmel) as Ragnar Lothbrok from the series "Vikings" new eye candy. :) Sorry Hemsworth... You move to #2 spot.

  • Jennifer Miller

    Blue Eyed Viking

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Ragnar from the show Vikings... LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

Travis Fimmel. I keep forgetting this guy was a Calvin Klein model before "Vikings".

Ragnar to Floki, about brother Rollo: "I've had no message from my brother. But I still believe, in my heart, that he will not betray me. For he has no reason." Floki to Ragnar: "Who needs a reason for betrayal? One must always think the worst, Ragnar. Even of your own kin. That way, we avoid too much disappointment in life." This is very Scandinavian...from a land cloaked in winter's darkness half of the year.

Vikings (series 2013 - ) Starring: Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok.

Travis Fimmel-Cant wait til Vikings starts up again Feb.25th! on the History Channel

The Descendants of Drasia: CHAPTER 38 COMPLETE. Very short chapter, might end up combining it with chapter 39, but for now it is so :P **BTW: I hope to have the 1st draft done in no more than 30 days!**

Mmmm...nice. I love the Vikings pics from the tv show. Rollo played by Clive arm in the Universe! Photo: "The Vikings," History Channel, Season 2, Episode 1, fight scene "Brothers Battle."

Vikings - Travis Fimmel as Ragnor Lothbrok Yeah, I know he's unkempt but he's still hot!

Vikings - Ragnar Lodbrok. Now that Jade has the beard I really want him to do his hair like this :)