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Waterfall Bay House, New Zealand. How amazing is this! Reading a book next to the fire overlooking a beautiful lake in New Zealand.

This would make an okay reading room, I guess.

Today we will show you the breathtaking Fall House in Big Sur, California, a project by Fougeron Architecture. This is a wow house.

Distracted by the book or distracted by the view, either way is okay.

This is stunning. A dream destination, a small cove of heaven surrounded by books and nature. This is pretty cool, but I probably wouldn't get much reading done because my eyes would keep wandering back to the windows.

Sweet Nature Getaway: The Walensee Mountain Home in Switzerland ♥ Love the view

Beautiful room with view of lake and mountains. Oh yeah, this is it.my dream bedroom!


Amazing architecture in this beautiful space. The curved window gives the space a full wash of natural light. Dream home

Sin importar lo atractivo que puedan lucir tales patrocinios, han de saber los de marketing que el panorama de los medios es caótico por estos días, el consumidor anda de aquí para allá bastante ocupado como para prestar atención a cualquier cosa y...

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1. 수영장의 난로   2. 계단식 와인 창고  3. 밤샘 파티 방  4. 그네 식탁  5. 욕조 속 티비  6. 유리 속 벽난로  7. 공중 해먹  8. 안과 밖이 이어지는 욕조  9. 침실의 동그란 창  10. 계단식으로 된 서재  11. 뼈다귀 모양 강아지 욕조  12. 작은 폭포가 있는 욕조   13. 이층 옷장   14. 침대 위 침대  15. 움직이는 베란다  16. 냉장고를 감싼 펜트리  17. 아래로 지나갈 수 있는 계단  18. 유리로 된 지하실 수영장  19...

A log home built over a creek that ran through the building site. Solution: A glass floor! Love it! My Log Cabin did not have one! Maybe the next log home.