Brilliant! - Seal a plastic bag with the top of a water bottle or any plastic bottle and the lid. #organization #lifehacks

Useful tips!

.cute EASTER BASKET ! for teacher ...

Physical therapy ice bag

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How To Cut Bottled Glass

This is quite possibly the best product and/or life hack I have ever seen - using LEGO men - ahem, LEGO people, to hold your stray cables and prevent them from falling from the desk after you unplu...

So much better than giving away tupperware with treats :) This is genius.

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Great ideas on using old silverware for jewelry...the eclectic ark: How to Recycle Silverware into Art

Homemade Paint - a good way to save when doing lots of crafts.

Beer Bottle Glass

good use of an old tee

Cute idea; using pearl beads instead of glitter

more genius organizing tips!

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I would never have thought of making my own water filtration device with a soda bottle and a water filter. Very clever re-purpose for the bottle.

don't know where to get any of these, but there are a bunch of awesome ideas on here!

If you have grease to get rid of, just take tin foil and put it in a bowl. When grease hardens ball it up and throw it away! I can't believe I never thought of this before.