Spoken like a best friend.

oh so true


So true.

Can't help how I feel. This is my life. So my heart is still taken..oh well. It's where it was intended to be. Doesn't mean I can't still live my life & be alone! So what that I struggle more on some days..it tells me that I was more than true within the best thing that had ever happened to me. This is my journey. And I come to understand it more & more each day.-YES!

One of my favorite quotes. <3

wise words... If you know Pink Floyd... this reminds me of The Wall. So true. Love it. We build our own walls.

I'm learning that more and more as time goes on


This is going in my classroom. favorite-quotes

be better not bitter


My Husbands motto for pretty much everything ;)

Start on the first one

best advice ever

such good advice...

Bob Marley

Life is short