Spoken like a best friend.



My favorite saying...and so true.

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Can't help how I feel. This is my life. So my heart is still taken..oh well. It's where it was intended to be. Doesn't mean I can't still live my life & be alone! So what that I struggle more on some days..it tells me that I was more than true within the best thing that had ever happened to me. This is my journey. And I come to understand it more & more each day.-YES!

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Bob Marley

One of my favorite quotes


oh so true

One of my favorite quotes. <3

If you must choose between two evils pick the one you've never tried before. It makes life more interesting. LD.

So true.

invest time into your passions

Pablo Picasso Quote: inspiration at its finest 'Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life' ... AMEN!

"Don't underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary" from Laws of Modern Woman.

Use the whole box of crayons quote http://www.pinterest.com/happygolicky/inspirational-quotes-words-of-wisdom-positive-thou/

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true dat