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Moon Light -- Stairway To The Moon, Cable Beach, located in Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, 2200 km north of Perth. It is the place to view the stairway to the moon where a receding tide and a rising moon combine to create a stunning natural phenomenon. by Christian Fletcher

(The Flock and the Moon by Pawel Kopczynski at washington post) the related yin yang personality/color/style systems agree on design lines for #type2/summer = S-curve. suzanne caygill, angela wright, #dyt, john kitchener psc, taylore b sinclaire, etc. the cranes migrating in this photo are in an S-curve. caygill used a photo of birds flying to show the shape of s-curves made by the wings where she described why she chose the S-curve for summer. caygill is the originator of these 4 type systems.

Moonlight Sonata--the night calls my name