Way cute.

Belly piercing

Want my belly button pierced like this...nothing extravagent just simple.

Belly Rings

I want a belly button ring-- Hot Topic

Turquoise Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

belly piercing: i just need the abs for it

Gold Belly Button Rings Teal Opal Belly Button Rings Opal Belly Rings

Thinking about getting the belly button pierced! This is too cute!

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I wish my mom would let me get my belly button pierced ... Cough cough MOM

Gun belly ring

Navel Piercing www.bodycandy.com This is the exact ring I had I but the bow broke I've been looking for another one! So happy!

belly button piercing

Belly button and hip piercings.

♡ Belly Button Piercing ♡

The only jewelry I've ever seen that makes me wish I was skinny enough to have my belly button pierced.

Gold Belly Button Rings Purple Opal Belly Button Rings Opal Belly Rings

feather earrings