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The Depressed Knight

The first hour of TDKR in a nutshell. -but still probably one of my favoritee movies

The Dark Knight Rises, Adam West Style

If Adam West Were Starring In "The Dark Knight Rises"

This is just hilarious: The Dark Knight Rises poster, but featuring the cheesy, old, Adam West Batman

Kids can be creeps. some of these made me wonder if i even want a kid? lol  some of these made me laugh out loud !

Funny pictures about The creepiest things kids say to their parents. Oh, and cool pics about The creepiest things kids say to their parents. Also, The creepiest things kids say to their parents.

having fun with history

Heard you talking crap about america son --- I LOVE sassy Washington!

Stark doesn't need a job either

Superhero side jobs - Batman doesn't need a job.

Did they turn Draco into a ferret again and put him in that cage

I'm transferring English love affair into sheet music so I can play it on my sax andI'm doing excited. >>>>>>> wtf does that have to do with this post

The only reasons to go to college. Or just don't because it's a horrible soul sucking abyss of terrible. But yeah...

I feel like this accurately explains college life. Sorry about the language

Dynamic struggles

Let's have some fun with a hilarious band post. It's long, but worth the read! Hahaha I'm crying I'm laughing so hard ----------- I'm the only flutest in my band I DON'T PLAY!

World tea war has begun lmao.... Do they really want a battle with the South over ICE COLD SWEET TEA!!! Tumblr Tuesday 4-8

Funny pictures about World War Tea. Oh, and cool pics about World War Tea. Also, World War Tea photos.

This is why Batman is better than Superman. MuaaH HA HA HAAA!!!

Funny pictures about Batman vs. Oh, and cool pics about Batman vs. Also, Batman vs.