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    • Bryanne Sekeres

      the little things really do count..

    • Karen McBain

      None one. God wants us to share his love with everyone we come in contact with. Even if it's just a smile, a hug, a plate of it. There are so many people in the world who need Jesus. Millions. A lot of time people ask how they can make a difference in this world when there are so many people who need help. The answer is 'one at a time'. God doesn't expect us to make a different in everyone's life's, but he does call us to do our best and to live giving all we've got to him and to sharing his love in this hurting world around us. And you can't make a bigger mistake then doing nothing cuz you can only do a little.

    • George Sachs

      A quote to live by |

    • g.

      Inspirational Quote

    • Mary-Kate Woodrow

      "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." Words to live by

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    I know this feeling :(

    ©S.L. 2014 Raging Rhetoric (Stephanie Bennett-Henry) Owner: Raging Rhetoric

    ©S.L. 2014 Raging Rhetoric (Stephanie Bennett-Henry) Owner: Raging Rhetoric

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    Anne Frank. Just a child, but that does not diminish my admiration for her.

    good reminder

    i don't remember this from the movies, but i like it

    She was like the moon part of her was always hidden.

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    Your intentions are your own.

    Say NO! NO excuses. But do say "Thank you for asking".

    Lessons Learned in Life: Healing first and what a validating statement for anyone to read who has struggled ♡



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