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'I miss you so much!' 'I miss you, too!' 'Hangout soon?' 'Yes, please!' Never happens. This is sooo true!

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Love that its summer. Hate that I have to shave my legs all the time now.

You don't have to shave your legs. As a female, you are not obligated to shave your legs. However, if you do shave, that is also alright with me.

So true about Friday night lights and Tim Riggins!!!" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

I felt that way about One Tree Hill. I didn't watch anything for two or three days. I felt lost.

Everything happens for a reason..

Funny Confession Ecard: When you say everything happens for a reason, don't be surprised when I slap you in the face. It happened for a reason.

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Please don't tell me he harass u about ur house or his laundry? And not about ur weight. U r super skinny and look great DON'T LET HIM BRAIN WASH U.that takes longer to get over then him. Believe me it took me years.

If you want to drive a girl insane simply delete her Pinterest page. It's like destroying her memories, hopes & desires. -Dane Cook.

more like drive a girl to murder. i can't stand Dane Cook but this is hilarious.

ohhh - got to love an early morning wake up

Early Morning Wake Up

LOL funny true i can relate so true teen quotes relatable alarm so relatable<<My name is Amigo Montoya, you kill my father, PREPARE TO DIE!


Girls are not complicated. How hard is it to say "you're pretty" and give us chocolate.

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ecard // again I am in public and cannot respond appropriately to our conversation // friends


My freaking dilemma every time my sister or mom or dad doesn't answer there phones.