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Life in a Little Red Farmhouse: Farmhouse Hose Holder

Turn an old rake head into a tool hanger

Organizing Garden Tools with PVC scrap: everything is labeled so you know what is missing...great home organization idea!

The recycling and repurposing possibilities are endless! | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

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20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas...some really really good ideas, though a few might need some tweaking.

...on my way to goodwill for some shoes!

My Money Saving DIY:: For sharp, rust-free tools, store in a sand-filled bucket (or pots) with a little oil mixed in !! (Learned this from my Mom ! And our garden tools always stay good as new !)

Organize Your Garden Shed • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!

Hang potted plants with a DIY shutter. More ideas @BrightNest Blog

Best Garden Art Projects Of 2012

Flower pot, sand, WD-40 and garden tools. Add WD-40 until the sand is moist. Clean all excess dirt from garden tools, shove into sand, place in a dry area. This will keep your garden tools nice through winter or long periods between gardening.

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Here's how to make a chair planter


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Two wire-mesh panels leaning against each other make a quick-to-assemble support structure for two tomato plants at once. Plant a tomato vine at the base of each panel. Clip or wire the tops together for stability. When it's time to clean up the garden, the panels stack flat, saving on storage space.

Herb drying rack...utter coolness! witch craft inspiration pagan

Vintage glass light shades made into hanging planters - Love!!!