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How to Get Cheap Solar Power

solar power DIY

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INFOGRAPHIC: Could the Entire World Really Run on Solar Power?

INFOGRAPHIC: Could the Entire World Really Run on Solar Power? [Future Energy: Solar Energy:]

Making Solar Power More Economical: Solar Energy into Electrical Energy. You can incorporate this into your home design #homes #greenconstruction #greenbuilding

A Scalable Solar Power System - On a Budget This site has the best articles on DIY solar power. Good information resource.

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How Wind Power Works

HowStuffWorks "Modern Wind-power Technology"..j

Wind turbine motor info and tutorial. What you should learn about wind generator magnetic motors with regard to DIY and kitset wind turbines.

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Groundbreaking Energy Ball Wind Turbine for Home Power

Using wind to produce enough power for over 200 homes (2,000,000 kWh) of electricity instead of burning coal will leave 900,000 kilograms of coal in the ground and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2,000 tonnes. This has the same positive impact as taking 417 cars off the road or planting 10,000 trees. Click below for complete information:


Living OFF-THE-GRID Surviving off the grid. Living OFF-THE-GRID Infographic