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Checking off the standards you've taught becomes the focus, but the reality is that this quote perfectly describes our true purpose as teachers.

"The Best Teachers..." wall cling (idea for my preschool hallway)

Just a Teacher poem...I should laminate and keep with me for the many times people think they are being cute or funny.

For your future career. Don't let the killjoys take your joy. We need people who care educating our children. You are one of those people. Like my friend Rhonda. ♥

I'm So Much More Than Just a Teacher and this is very true.

Megan Marksberry Smith - the 2nd to the last one is both of us for sure; in fact it should read, "You are super excited to get a laminator for Christmas or your Birthday!" or "the thought of having TWO laminators in your classroom excites you beyond belief!"

50 Best Books for Teachers. This is a pretty awesome list. Covers everything from subbing, first year teaching, to how to talk to kids

If only everyone would read this and not just my teacher friends...we already know this!