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Thank you God for ALL of my trials, tribulations, blessings and for forgiving me!!

#wemustbewillingtoletgoofthelifewehadplannedsoastohavetheonethatiswaitingforus #josephcampbell #will #willing #life #wemust #planning #findingmyhappy #newbeginnings #risks #chances

⬆️ This ⬆️ I think it's important and awesome to have a vision/goals for the future, but I never want to be so caught up in those things that I forget what God has *already* done. There was a time where I didn't even know what to dream for. I teetered on the edge of settling for just-okay, and I'm so (sooo) glad God stepped in. He had a big plans for me .He had success for me. He had money for me. He had love waiting for me.

Great Ernest Hemingway quote from

I need to remember often I feel so inadequate. Thankfully through God's GRACE He will make me qualified to do what He wants only me to do :D That's an amazing thought!



I have a problem with doing this.

Thanking God in your trials turns burdens into blessings. #spiritual #quotes #love #hope #faith

Shane and I are so thankful that God has blessed us with our little baby. There are so many people out there that can't have kids. We keep getting more and more excited every day!