The Sailor and the nurse from the D-Day kiss picture in Times Square


One last kiss

"One of my favourite photographs of all time - Le baiser de l’hotel ville (Kiss by the Hotel de Ville) taken by Robert Doisneau in 1950. The photo of a couple kissing on the streets of Paris is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic photos taken of all time and has become an internationally recognized symbol of love in Paris. The couple remained a mystery until the early 1990s. Robert Doisneau"

kiss kiss kiss



Sailor Kissing Nurse

Korean War Goodbye Kiss. This simple elegance is what I wish was still around today. I was born in the wrong era. True love

Famous VJ-day kiss.

The Kiss

The Kiss - Times Square, NYC - August 14, 1945

train kissing pictures never get old. Would love to have vintage inspired engagement pictures

Classic. Classic. Classic. I still love this photo...I heard an interview on the radio about this woman 50 yrs later. They did not know each other.



The kiss


The 50 Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened -- if this doesn't make you believe in love, I don't know what will!