So true

At 15 & 17, these things are happening before my eyes. Both the hardest and most rewarding part of parenthood. <3 my boys!

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A Mom's Worry


A note from a mother

Teach our daughters...@Cherene Dodge Melendez

For my daughter....


Mother of Girls <3

My boys

Love. Love. Love! Used to sing this to my son all the time! Sometimes still will even tho it embarrasses him (he's almost 20). :)

Because I love you.

For my daughters-in law....They are such wonderful mothers, and this is the way I felt when my boys were young.


For my mom @Benita Rankin and my dad Larry: ❥Thank you. †ღ~ d. "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."

Remember this... today is a gift. This is so true... enjoy today. I know you do sister



Successful human beings...

yes, yes, yes