Funky frog!

~~Frog strutting his stuff on a branch in Indonesia by Herry Sobiran~~


Leaf tailed Gecko --looks like a dragon

how I feel when I see a spider

no words for this

Whites tree frog by Angi Nelson


Normally I want nothing to do with snakes. I would not even consider pinning something with one in it. However, I do LOVE unusual animal friendships. So I have decided that the latter trumps the first reasoning behind this pin.

Japanese Macaque showing middle finger by Jari Peltomäki ''This young Japanese Macaque (Snow monkey) was showing his middle finger to me when I was photographing him bathing.''

Animals Illuminated by the Sun

Morning exercises....and up.....and up...and up!


A great friend will always lend a hand...or even a leg in the case of these tree frog's! (photo: Caters)

This picture shows the red-eyed tree frog clinging to a vivid red Heliconia flower. Picture: Nicolas Reusens/Barcroft

<3 Hanging in there

Baby frog

Kung fu froggy!