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Raising Boys (A Dad’s Advice for Moms) - a hilarious & helpful article! Must read if u have boys! I found this to be extremely helpful.

. So many stories/warnings about raising boys.

The author chronicles the exuberant, awesome life of boys through bizarre conversations overheard, unbelievable rules she's been forced to make, and the many episodes of boy behavior that continue to mystify mothers worldwide. A must read for those raising boys!

Love this list! trying to raise capable gentlemen so that my future daughter-in-laws will someday say Thank You!

How To Get Boys To Read... such an important article - all parents, especially those of young boys, should read.

My favorite quote here.. "Never worry that you’re “babying” your son by holding, carrying, and kissing him. No research has ever shown that a strong mother-son bond will “feminize” a boy, but studies do show that males who lack a strong maternal connection are more likely to be aggressive, destructive kids."

20 things no one told us about raising a boy! & every single one of them TRUE! Another pinner says, "This is probably one of the best articles on boys I've ever read. If you have a boy, READ THIS!!!" Saving this for later.

Raising boys No. Also, no. I've already said an alarming number of these...

Omg I love this! Would totally incorporate this in baby's room if I had a little boy. One day...

15 things a Mom should teach her boys say-it-again-sam

A Feminist On Raising A Boy "So far, my plan is to raise a man who knows how to cook, clean, care for a child, build things, fix things, throw a ball, and not give a damn which thing is 'girly' and which thing is 'manly.'"