I need to see a dentist

Tooth shaped USB flash drive. Perfect gift for a dentist, a dental assistant, or other medical professional!

May the floss be with you! #dentalhumor J. Michael Lloyd, D.D.S., M.S.D., pediatric dentist in Arlington, TX @

- We gave Stephy a Hermie the Dentist Christmas ornament 2014. The day she left for ECU we gave her a small stufffed Hermie doll to take with her. Mom got a bigger Hermie doll for herself and told Stephy when she became a dentist... a full grown dentist...Big Hermie would be hers. (incentive? LOL)


Dentist Barbie


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Plaque Man #dental #joke #teeth #dentist

How cute

dentist lulz

David After Dentist

Molar shaped paper clip & pen holders. Ha!

Anatomy of a tooth

How I feel after finishing the 4th quadrant of a scaling and root planing patient. #DentalHygiene #RDH #DentalHumor #DentalJokes #Dentaltown #DentallyIncorrect #Dentist #Dental

Every Day I'm Suctionin'

Dentist :D

Dental humor