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naah, not every girl. Just the good ol' country girls ;) city girls can have their city boys.

LOL. NO COUNTRY boy I know would ever PUSH a truck out of the mud --- they would keep PULLING it with the biggest truck, or tractor, or whatever they could find --- but I doubt any of them would PUSH a truck out of the mud !!! LOL.

Omg this made my day...I need to get a picture of Bryson like this!,

yeah.. I would have died if this ever happened to me.. soo dang cute!

Yeah, I be Kickin' Up Mud... Max begs me to play this song every time we get in the Jeep. lol ♥ me some Lacs

Cowboys and Our Flag... Proud to Be An American

Wrangler butts, jacked up trucks and country boys playin in mud! These are a few of my fav. things!!

You know you've got the keys to a country boy's heart when you have the keys to his truck

Ladies Love Country Boys Kristi Bonert