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Teepee native american tattoo with birds and a fireplace, setting sun & stars. Can one thing mean "home" and "freedom" at the same time?

Adrià de Yzaguirre Tattoo - Teepee for Dani tumblr: adriadeyzaguirre + ochocuervos

Burning Teepee by PrettyGore.devian... on @deviantART

Occult Symbols. Eeshhh! Pretty creepy! Definitely gonna keep an eye out for that anti Christ symbol. Scary scary

What's Your Glyph? by Saxon Campbell, via Behance

.This is gorgeous. Not what I'd get for myself, but still. Gorgeous.

Floral etched ring

Magical finger tats!

Mystical ♥

Dr Woo - Whale Tail Ring for @Fancyhipster :

This needs to be my second heart tattoo.

My amazing bear tattoo!

bat tattoo (by Tom Raven)

I want an octopus tattoo. This is cute, but I might want mine to look menacing. Not sure

love love love for shoulder tattoo.dx

Maybe different placement

her dog’s actual paw print

So getting this with my husband. I have space on the right wrist. He has space on the left.

Cool heart tattoo design - mermaid scale tattoo

cute bow tattoo drawing but without the cupcake.. I'd like this on the back of my thigh

Very nice Menhndi by Shane Gallagher Coley, currently working in Chapel Tattoo, Melbourne, Australia

Looks like a picture

Tattoo idea...

. love the placement of her hip tattoo