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Orange Kefir Soda Pop

Orange Kefir Soda Pop. Inspired by nature, good health and bubbles! This recipe is so simple, only needs two ingredients and is kid approved.

Probiotic Strawberry Soda

Probiotic Strawberry Soda recipe is made with water kefir and fresh strawberry puree. It’s refreshing and will increase your energy and vitality.

KEFIR FRUITY LEMONADE First step: 7-8 cups filtered water ½ cup sugar ½ cup water kefir grains Second step: ½ cup lemon juice ½ cup raspberries Instructions 1.Combine water and sugar in ½ gallon mason jar. 4.Pour sugar solution into quart-size container or jar. 5.Add water kefir grains. 6.Cover for 48 hours. 7.Strain the grains. 8.Add lemon juice and raspberries. 9.Cap the lid tightly. 10.Place on counter for additional 24 11.Pour through strainer into serving container.

The Dark Side of Water Kefir - Root Beer Water Kefir

Crab Rangoon Egg Rolls

Crab Rangoon Egg Rolls are stuffed with crab, cream cheese, green onions and the perfect blend of spices mimicking the classic crab rangoons with an extra large helping of the best part.

probiotic orange: 8 organic oranges 6 organic tangerines sweetener of choice to taste 1 c. whey (drained from plain yogurt) 1 generous T zest from one of the tangerines

Slow Cooker Beef Noodles

Are you looking for an easy beef and noodles recipe? Our Slow Cooker Beef Noodles are simple to throw together and have that amazing old fashioned comfort food flavor. #Reames # HomemadeGoodness #ad