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  • Sandra Lazala

    15 Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods 1.) Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub This is probably my favorite one. Brown sugar exfoliates the skin ridding the pores of all dirt, oil and dead skin cells causing blemishes. Honey is naturally antibacterial, so as the brown sugar scrubs away the things clogging pores, the honey cleans out the sources for this buildup to prevent future breakouts. 2.) Coffee Grounds in Conditioner This one is really simple. throwing old coffee g...

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5.) Lemon and Egg Facial Have red splotchiness on your face? Soothe both symptoms away easily by mixing together one egg yolk and the juice of one lemon into a paste. Cover your face with it and leave it on overnight. If this seems like too much work, leave it on your face for an hour. You might not get the optimal results with this amount of time, but you will see a difference.

15 DIY Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods - Not a fan of all of these, but a couple of good ideas!

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Homemade Beauty Products - I have been using 2/3 olive oil, 1/3 castor oil on my face on and off for a few months and my skin is SO soft! I can tell when I forget. All I do is rub it on with clean hands and gently wipe off the excess with a hot, damp washcloth. THIS WOULD BE WORTHWHILE TO TRY!

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15 Natural Beauty Recipes Using Everyday Foods | Inspiring Pretty - I'm organizing a ladies spa day here in Antarctica, and since we can't exactly go shopping for materials we are trying to make do with what can be scrounged up. This was hugely helpful!

25 Beauty Products You Can Make in Your Kitchen {} -- some good recipes here, including brown sugar scrub, protein hair wash (for healthy shiny hair), coffee scrub, honey face wash, homemade deodarant, soothing lip balm, and more!

banana, honey and lemon juice to smooth skin and reduce shine. strawberries, grapes and cucumbers to shrink pores