Annie, Bring It On, Chaplin, Houdini, Kinky Boots what is next for Broadway

USA - Can Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth knock down the past success of little orphan Annie with his 2.2 million fans on facebook.
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Inside look directly from a Tony Award winning producer Tom Kirdahy.

Dan Mojica photo was symbolic along with Finding Neverland logo.

Florida Theatre Chat 13,000 fans celebrate success of arts A to Z

The Lion star Benjamin Sheuer cancer, songwriting and criticism makes him roar Tickets can be purchased at: www.midtownfestiv.... Masks is a Theatre Chat top pick. For more information visit Midtown International Theatre Festival - Home page www.midtownfestiv.... "Overall the nominations are dead on, keeping Florida as the fun in the sun arts destination. Florida artists from ensemble to productions teams, and even patrons who support live theatre can be proud of the live stage works being produced even those not nominated, they all leave a legacy for Florida theatre history." Florida Theatre Chat. Tom Kirdahy is a hard act to follow, but It's time to start taking notes for The Fourth Annual 2015 Broadway Global Producer of The Year. Nominate your favorite Broadway or Regional Theatre Producers. They must be producers who are leaving a legacy for the arts! Through social media votes, post and email nominations Broadway Global will choose the final nominations from those submitted! BroadwayGlobal, THEATRE CHAT 180,000 arts lovers will be glued to the tube.

I was crying inside with joy, because their play opens discussion for the words that I couldn't have with my own Mother Janice Cameron. "Mothers and Sons" share dialogue through Terrence McNally's powerful, life changing play. "Mama Rose will lift your hearts and fill your souls. "Visit GoFundMe Mama Rose to join my producing team, and or purchase your ticket today, cause it's best not to mess with yo Mama Rose. " Richard E. Waits.

With about 40 Broadway theatres it is time for patrons to keep a close eye on Broadway theatre owners and Broadway producers who will leave a legacy of arts, long after we are gone! "Broadway Boys are packing fans in, filling theatre seats with fresh new musical theatre lovers." USA Theatre Chat. The magic of these handsome talented artists is presenting show-tunes to theatre lovers, with a fresh new sound while introducing Broadway genre to audiences of all ages.

The final performance of "Violet" is a benefit to support Education at Roundabout.