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These stickers look as if someone hand painted the flowers onto your wall! My coworker Patty, matched these with the orange square mirrors and orange & yellow daisies for the Andy Warhol modern art look.

SLÄTTHULT Samolepicí dekorace IKEA Se samolepicími dekoracemi můžete oživit místnost bez malování a tapetování. Motiv vytvořil Ateliér LZC.

SLÄTTHULT Decorative stickers - IKEA This would be neat to stencil, just need to be creative on painting the birds so colorfully.

SLÄTTHULT Decorative stickers IKEA With decorative stickers it's easy for you to renew a room without painting or wallpapering.

SLÄTTHULT Adorno autoadhesivo IKEA Los adornos adhesivos te permiten renovar fácilmente una estancia sin tener que pintar o empapelar.

SLÄTTHULT Decorative stickers - IKEA

Slätthult bamboo stickers from #ikea for woodsy theme.

Magnolia and enamel ware milk can. Gorgeous!! (I won't even acknowledge the dead animal, though. Gross.)

striped wall, flower canvas, bedspread...

Magnolia and Flower illustration No. 6692

I love the sketched leaves behind the flower. This would be such fabulous 3D artwork in my house. Might have to try it.