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I love his smile.Bradley Cooper, one of the most handsome and adorable men on the screen today. (People magazine agreed with me lol) Sexiest man alive last year

Jon Hamm. Celebrity crush around these parts.

The best photos of Jon Hamm, the American actor best known as Don Draper on the TV series Mad Men. Hamm, who arguably wears a suit better than any other person on t.

omg, this man is georgeous. Bradley Cooper <3.

Late Arrival

Bradley Cooper's The Words is one of the last movies of Sundance to premiere, though we did spot him making his way through the Salt Lake City airport on


Gerard Butler Interview: ShortList Magazine - Gerry at his irreverent, foul-mouthed, funny best!

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Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

justin timberlake and jimmy fallon. These men ❤

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon got awfully close for their shared December issue cover of GQ magazine. At least Jimmy gave JT the courtesy of a.

Luke Bryan...nothing is more infuriating than someone being so talented AND gorgeous. You can't have both! Pick one!

Weigh In on the Hottest Country Singers

Matthew Fox & Josh Holloway, how I miss getting LOST with them....

Jack and Sawyer (Matthew Fox & Josh Holloway) LOST . 2 of my favorites!

Paul Walker has been my actor crush since fast and furious 1 :)

Evening Eye Candy: Paul Walker

RIP, Paul Walker and his friend that passed with him in the accident. Paul Walker was such a great actor, and I know he must've been a great companion to those who personally knew him. You will truly be missed.

Channing Tatum Humor #funny forget the possible questioning it this eye candy is strictly get down to busness wawawawow!

I thought this the moment I saw The Vow trailer! :D lilmisstude I thought this the moment I saw The Vow trailer! :D I thought this the moment I saw The Vow trailer!