Living on Less Than $28,000 A Year: Managing the Money

Living on Less Than $28,000 A Year: How our family of six survives (and even thrives) on an income that is less than half the national median income, and what the government calls “below the poverty line” (less than $29,990 annually) for our family size. _____________________________________________...
  • Micalah Kimsey

    great budgeting tips! perfect for living simply :-) phillip's words ...."ah heck yeah!"

  • Kristen Hooten

    Blog of a family of six living on less than 28,000 a year. Lots of good budgeting ideas. Who couldn't use help saving money?

  • Jenny Durfee

    love saving money... great site with lots of tips for living frugally... no matter how much $ you make. Pin now read later.

  • Shana Graham

    Mom of 4 gives budget tips based on their income of poverty level 28,000 dollars a year. Great budgeting ideas!

  • Angela Marino

    Frugal Living Ideas

  • Megan Gilbert

    Have not read this yet but if their family of 6 can live on 28000 a year I can definitely learn some budgeting things from them!

  • Shantai Ellis

    Great tips on how to make a little go a long way. This would be a great way to save money!

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