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    I am actually considering this. Just one instead of two. But I miss having multiple ear piercings.

    I love ear piercings but I'm actually more scared to get them then I was when I got my tattoos done!

    I feel like I can't have any more piercings near my conch because it would be too crowded but this looks great

    I used to have a Tragus and a Rook - didn't know it was called a rook at the time, though ;)

    SO pretty @Emilie Claeys Claeys Logan you need that lotus one! OUR INNER HIPPY | TheyAllHateUs

    Ear piercings (:/ girl version of Gdragon-- I like every thing about this except the 2 studs on the side :p

    Already have this piercing, liking the three different earrings

    I love these piercings...