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    • Ondina Arrondo ❤`✿.¸¸.ღ ღ.¸¸.✿`❤

      Not to be confused with Mandarin Fish (Chinese Perch). The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus), is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family, which is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade. A lesser-known species, these are probably the single most colorful and vibrant fish I’ve ever seen. The mandarinfish is native to the Pacific, ranging approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia. Yes! They are definitely the most colourful fish in the world

    • angela axiarlis

      Mandarinfish - Synchiropus splendidus - family Callionymidae, the Dragonets, approximately 186 species in 18 genera. Sea life.

    • Lisa Warren 👣 🌊 💋

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    • skye a desertkhaat

      The Mandarinfish could very well be the most beautiful fish on earth. Known otherwise as the “mandarin dragonet,” this stunner lives in the reefs of the Pacific. It is not easily spotted in the wild, thanks to its 2.6 inches length. It lives on fish eggs, polychaete worms and ostracods. They’re difficult to keep in aquariums because of its strict eating habits.

    • Kathie Maximovich

      Mandarinfish. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting representatives of pet tropical fish species. The name mandarinfish was given to it as the colorful pattern resembles the robes of Chinese mandarins. This fish has a magnificent palette of colors — blue, green, orange and red. It looks like a real masterpiece of an abstract painter. Mandarinfish is not very big in size; it can reach the length of only three inches.

    • Ella Chan

      The mandarinfish or mandarin dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus) ~ one colorful fish there!

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