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Tips on setting up an art space, managing a mess, and talking with kids about their art.

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Child Tents

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Baby Tent

Make a tent from a drying rack | This could be a good quiet/soft/reading space in the classroom. #homeschooling #backtoschool

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Tape off their name, then let them fingerpaint! LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

Childhood101from Childhood101

Puppet Fun: Making and Playing With Puppets

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Cat Puppet

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Making and Playing With Puppets

The Imagination Treefrom The Imagination Tree

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Straw blown art for kids. Make the paint dance across the paper!

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Monsters Inc

Rock Monsters Craft, the kids will love this!

Paper Gently

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Soap Bubbles Kids

bubble painting, but this website has lots of awesome craft ideas for kids

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Hungry Caterpillar Party

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Adorable Caterpillar

Caterpillar Crafts For Toddlers

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Kidscrafts Caterpillar

Caterpillar on Leaf Rubbing. #DIY with your kids!



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handprint art for each month - do them individually or make a calendar!

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Minute to Win It games -- good for kids parties

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fun craft

The Artful Parentfrom The Artful Parent

35 Homemade Art Materials Kids Can Make

35 Homemade

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Crafts Child

Comprehensive list of methods for home made art supplies at:

25 Science

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Classroom Ideas

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The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids!

Classic Play!from Classic Play!

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using magazines for kids' art projects w/options for different ages + stages

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handprint art: dad & baby/little ones; mom & kiddos; etc

Mess for Lessfrom Mess for Less

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting

Foot Painting Kids

Stomp Painting

Painting Mess

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Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting | Mess For Less

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Great messy art projects for kids! These are fun!

Awesome Ipad

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Ladybug Books

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30 Apps

30 Awesome Kids Apps for the iPad

Giant Spirograph

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Sidewalks Ideas

Giant Sidewalk

sidewalk spirograph!

Free Boredom

Summer Boredom Busters For Kids

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Rainy Day Activities For Kids Preschool

Easy Crafts For Toddlers To Make

Crafting Activities

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Kid Activities

25 Cheap

25 Cheap to FREE boredom busters to keep kids having fun and make mom's day easier!

Fun at Home with Kidsfrom Fun at Home with Kids

Scented Edible No-Cook Fingerpaint Recipe for Babies and Toddlers

Scented Homemade

Edible Scented

Kids Scented

Scented Finger

Summer Scented

Scented Paint

Homemade Fingerpaint

Fingerpaint Yogurt

Edible Paint

Scented Homemade Edible Paint | FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS