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    Recently, I had a chance to ask Stephanie Breedlove, founder and partner of Breedlove & Associates, which is a payroll, tax & HR firm dedicated exclusively to serving the household employment industry, some questions about retirement savings for nannies.




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    More and more companies are stashing their cash offshore, and they're doing it at alarming rates. Why? Put simply, it's about eluding the tax man.

    Outer Space: Get Rich Quick

    Canadian Immigration Employment And Investment Opportunities are vast and immeasurable. People have been streaming in from all corners and settling down in pursuit of their dreams of prosperity. It can be compared to 21st century gold rush. The prospects of business and jobs span across the length and breadth of the country i.e. all provinces of the country.

    The rise of financially liberated and positive singles in the UK has implications for home buying. Where are all these singles going to live? Singles living in multiple occupant shared homes, or MOSHers, are reshaping the traditional household and how friends handle finances together.

    You child will naturally want to help you do things around the house. At times, this insistence can be seen as a nuisance because it is generally easier and quicker to do the job by yourself than to have little, clumsy hands help.

    Hard economic times have forced many households to make tough financial adjustments, and families in need of childcare services have thus been presented with a daunting challenge: how do you cut expenses while still maintaining a high level of childcare? For those who find themselves in that predicament, there is some good news: there are several ways to cut back on the expense of childcare without sacrificing the quality.

    For nannies looking for books for nannies written by nannies and industry experts, look no further.

    Student debt is at an all time high. How high? Check out the data below. Despite the current state of student loans and the economy at large there are still some good investments in taking out loans to get your degree, provided it�s the right one.

    Between the ages of three and five children are eager to help out with household chores. Being tasked with chores actually helps children to feel that they are a necessary part of the family

    What is E-Commerce? That is the Question

    You spend a lot of time and energy choosing the nanny employment situation that is right for you, but your efforts can’t stop there. Like any relationship, it takes conscious and continuous effort for the nanny/employer relationship to be maintained.

    Apple Didn’t Invent That [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Positive Discipline is an approach to discipline that is designed to teach children to become responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their families and communities.

    Saving Your Skin: Cancer Facts You Need to Know

    This infographic, courtesy of, offers a snapshot of how business intelligence has given way to big data analytics as a more comprehensive solution for managing digital data. It also breaks down some of the benefits, the industries for which it is most crucial, and the state of adoption for big data projects.

    Infographics: Latest SEO Methods To Rank Higher & Avoid Over Optimization

    As the global population increases and more countries become industrialized, resource consumption has skyrocketed. Natural resources by their very nature are finite and this exponential development has made it necessary for the most advanced nations to research methods to conserve resources and develop a less wasteful future.

    This infographic, brought to you by Total Bankruptcy, highlights how Taxes, Medicare and Disaster Relief could have been affected if Mitt Romney had won the 2012 election.

    Trade Show Industry Creating Most of the World's Waste?

    If your business is not online chances are you’re missing the lion’s share of would be customers. A website is the fundamental first step to being online. There are several ways you can create a website. You can hire a web designer but they’re expensive, rarely understand the needs of your business, and fail to meet deadlines