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  • Julie Temkin

    the Royal dogs descend from the plane Queen Elizabeth's corgis and doxies travel in style with one of the royal corgi wranglers

  • Dorothy Valdez

    The British Royal Corgis and Dachshunds descend from the plane

  • ~•✿•❤️Lucia Turche♥️•✿•~

    "The Royal Corgis descend from the plane !!! Looks like a Dachshund or two also. The Queen loves both breeds.... Mark Noscoe • Just now She certainly does, I love all breeds, but I love how the Royal Family spend tax payers money in a recession, got to keep up appearances and Corgis in the Air, how much food could this pay for a rescue shelter, you have to love the Royal Family tax well spent!!!"

  • Marilyn Barton

    The Royal Corgis deplane

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