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Don't chase em-Replace em✌

There has never been a more true quote for me...I have hit rock bottom on a few levels and I have made a very solid life for myself and y children. I thank God that I was able to rise above the adversity in my life and finally get myself back!

Lets kick start your road to health with a beginners challenge group!! NO program! NO purchase! Just me, you and your teammates supporting YOUR new beginning. For 30 days we will discover your why, how and determination. Lets get to the real you!

"Si c'est important pour toi, tu trouveras le chemin. Si ça ne l'est pas, tu trouveras une excuse. "'

Well said - I love how u juss can't call me n get it over with instead of making fun of me its bout my life n I need to talk to my best friend for crying out loud juss call n find out what I need to tell you its important n serious please if u love me at all juss call me n for Sandi I have never made a bad comment bout you I thought were friends apart of the crew of friends with lores