<3 it !!

Beautiful, old fashioned fun

Kids in a wagon future family pictures - I know the perfect bridge to do this at! Maybe...since I have four kids...have E kinda leaning against the handle...add a soft focus...yep love it!

love this pose for 3!

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Children - MiKayla Bourque Photography Your kids and nieces n nephew would look cute like this

Family photo

Sibling pose of four. my sisters and I, except there are 5 of us!

family of 4 posing idea...want this for my own family this year!


cute family photo idea

Sibling Pose

Amazing light!

Gorgeous family photo

Amazing family photo ideas!!!

Family photography

I could do this along the fence in my driveway. Just need the perfect moment after a fresh snowfall where it all hangs on the trees. (oh, and all the kids home at once......that might be a problem!!)

gorgeous family of 3

family pictures...gorgeous

I love this pose! Gorgeous picture by Brooke Bikneris~

BEST Family Photo EVER!