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    Fuss Pot

    "Fuss Pot" was a strip that first appeared in issue one of Knockout, dated 12 June 1971; it later moved to Whizzer and Chips after Knockout ended. It was drawn by Norman Mansbridge. The main character was an incredibly picky girl who found something to complain about in any situtation.
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    I used to collect all The Gambols cartoon books

    Handwritten lettering styles of vintage posters

    ▶ Clarks Shoes 1970's Advert - 'Proper Little Madam' - YouTube

    ▶ Merima Njegomir - Samo jedna reč - YouTube

    Sljivovica - Serbian plum brandy

    holly tree with yellow berries - we had a very large tree in our garden

    Stinging nettles - the only plants growing in our garden!

    Lovely Jubbly

    Ob La Di Ob La goes on woa ho

    Remember Simon Bates 'Our Tune' - he read out soppy romantic stories on Radio 1 with a song connection.

    Tomorrow's World presenters Michael Rodd, Judith Hann and Kieran Prendiville (link to several episodes)

    Lava Lamps

    Used on us all the time as babies...before it was banned!

    Dick Dastardly and Mutley

    RPM...Fun speeding up the voices, or slowing them down ...& not forgetting superfast 78!

    Exam time!

    Beryl the Peril (one of my earliest influences, lol)

    ▶ 'The Liver Birds' theme music

    1960's Wimpy menu

    Telephone, 1970's: I remember ringing the speaking clock: "at the third stroke the time will be...." and 'Dial-a disc' for hearing a song from the top 40.

    Remember receiving record tokens? :)

    The Three Degrees Live (1975) Greatest Hits Medley — The Les Dawson Show (UK)

    ▶ BBC Seaside Special - on Saturday nights in the 1970's - this edition features Abba (from 1975)

    We had this Mary Poppins LP

    Mary Poppins (1964)