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This is a great idea for teaching adjectives. I like how the project is built upon a theme. Each adjective describes popcorn. You could even change up the theme to coincide with your lesson plans. the only problem doing this would be that it is timeconsuming to change it up. It would require you to be able to draw a new one when you wanted to change it.

Great Teaching Ideas - I would put pictures/examples of the Nouns, Verbs, Adjective...on the containers.

OREO - Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart (this would have been the easy way to explain this to my students at Stark lol)

3rd Grade Thoughts: Experimenting With 7 Habits of Happy Kids. This is written for the classroom in mind, but I wonder if I could use it at home...

Pinned this last night and spent the afternoon making one with my 9 year old daughter. It turned out so cute. She learned about similes and metaphors and now I have a sample for my class next year!

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

Teaching Contractions

Ideas for Teaching Contractions

Simply Skilled in Secondfrom Simply Skilled in Second

Prefixes, Suffixes and a FREEBIE!

If students need a study guide to review over things like these for a test you could have them make this foldable. It really grabbed my attention so I'm sure it would grab the students eye and make them want to look over it. They may get creative if you have them make it, so they may pay better attention!

Love this idea :) -- "The incredible shrinking notes" Students start out writing a summary of their reading on the large index card. They are then given a medium sized card and have to take the info from the large card and condense it. By the time students get to the small index card they're getting to the main point/idea of the reading selection.